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[WEBINAR] Novel Strategies to Transform the Pace and Cost of High-Potency API Development

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Highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) have garnered increasing attention within the pharmaceutical development landscape. There are currently >1,000 highly potent candidates in various stages of R&D, with an anticipated annual growth rate of approximately 10% in this field.

Nonetheless, the handling of HPAPIs demands stringent operational procedures that typically necessitate substantial capital investment and specialized personnel for development, resulting in a decelerated progress.

In this webinar, Guangyang Hou, a Senior Process Development Engineer at APC, explores how model-supported approaches in conjunction with the implementation of Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) and continuous processing, can minimize human intervention whilst drastically reducing development times.

In particular he explores:

  • Why HPAPI process development does not always mean longer development timelines.

  • How to implement digital twins and PAT to safely and quickly gain valuable process insights.

  • How a judicious choice of batch versus continuous processing can be applied to overcome key operational handling challenges.

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