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Powered by Modeling

Kinetic and statistical | computational fluid dynamics | virtual experiments | smarter DoEs | self-optimizing processes | slash development time | better processes | smarter lab work

We believe modeling is a game-changer for process development. We use kinetic, statistical, and state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamic process modeling platforms to run virtual experiments, predict how processes will behave at scale and reduce the experimental burden across your process development programs. 

We combine off-the-shelf modeling packages such as Fluent, DynoChem, Aspen and JMP with our own purpose-built models, typically developed in MATLAB, to power up your process development activities, delivering scientific breakthroughs with real speed. 

We leverage modeling to define smaller and smarter DoEs, design bioreactors from first principles and to predict solubility and particle morphology during crystallization development. We also combine our models with bespoke control architectures to run self-optimizing processes that leverage the kinetics and thermodynamics of the system itself to define the recipe that will deliver the critical quality attributes required.

We have seen our platform approach to modeling slash development time and deliver better processes compared to brute force, experiment-centric approaches. We also believe it offers us the opportunity to make our lab work more effective reducing the total cost of development and making every valuable experiment count.