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[WEBINAR] Harnessing the potential of Continuous Processing

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In this webinar, we take a deep dive into industry drivers for Continuous Processing, our unique perspective on process enhancements and how Continuous Processing can accelerate the development of batch and continuous programs

Using examples of synthetic molecules in early phase development, we describe:

1. What is driving the explosion in interest in continuous manufacturing

2. How continuous processing can be used as a tool to accelerate development

3. Where continuous processing can benefit your manufacturing strategy

4. How continuous processing can help you access improvements in selectivity, yield and purity

Our presenter Iseult Mossop is one of APC's subject matter experts on Continuous Processing. Iseult graduated with a  B.E. in Chemical and Bioprocessing Engineering from University College Dublin and holds chemical engineering chartership status (C.Eng ) by IChemE. Iseult works with our team at APC to combine chemistry and chemical engineering principles for fast, evidence-based process development.