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Transform Your CMC

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Introducing iAchieve®

Say goodbye to paper, pens, air travel, USB sticks, emails and shared documents over multiple platforms – all contributing to massive overhead and extra effort that slows down process development. Say hello to iAchieve®, our proprietary, cloud-based knowledge management platform built by process development experts, for process development experts. iAchieve® digitizes every aspect of your medicine's journey from process definition through process characterization and into manufacturing. Access data, insights and reports in real time. Notify stakeholders of the latest key findings. And create a digital CMC fingerprint for your molecule that brings you a step closer to digital submissions while slashing the cost of your process development initiatives.

A CMC Fingerprint for Your Medicine.

Your medicine is unique, and so too is its CMC fingerprint. With iAchieve®, every CMC decision on your medicine's journey is catalogued, enabling you to understand which decisions were made when and, more importantly, which experiment, data point or insight informed that decision. With a single click, the raw data that delivered a breakthrough can be recalled and reviewed, giving you the clarity and confidence you need to choose the correct fork in the road. This information is vital for answering regulator questions faster, eliminating unnecessary experimental repetition and making steps towards digital submissions, while drastically reducing the overhead associated with getting molecules to market.

Access Your Data. Anytime, Anywhere.

Here we believe in radical collaboration. We gain nothing by keeping you in the dark and everything by shining a light on the insights we uncover. iAchieve® allows us to share every single data point we collect with our clients so together we make smarter decisions and move faster toward manufacturing. A first-in-class knowledge management system, iAchieve® ties our data, quality and project management systems together in a single cloud-based platform that our scientists and clients use to collaborate and make decisions together. Externalized process development can sometimes feel out of your control, but with iAchieve®, APC can deliver the data so the data can deliver for you.

Tech Transfer Redefined.

Fast and effective tech transfers are a part of everyday life at APC. Our people are steeped in GMP manufacturing expertise and leverage their learnings with a singular focus on process development. iAchieve® helps them make tech transfer seamless by collecting and collating relevant data and making it quickly available, in the most secure format possible, to the people that need it across the manufacturing ecosystem. For some, combining development with manufacturing at a single location is seen as an efficiency, but we believe great scale-up, tech transfer and manufacturing introductions require a well-designed process built from a foundation of scientific understanding. With iAchieve®, we leverage the brilliant processes our people design and get them into manufacturing quickly and effortlessly, so our clients can deliver for the clinic or market in record time.

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