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[WEBINAR] The use of Continuous Processing for Crystallization

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In this webinar, we will discuss APC’s philosophy for Continuous Manufacturing, highlighting key drivers for model-supported, continuous process development focusing primarily on continuous crystallization. We will also compare and contrast two of the most commonly utilized types of continuous crystallization platforms at APC.

Using examples of crystallization processes in early phase development for small molecule SYNTHETIC APIs, we describe:

  1. The importance of understanding process kinetics at the outset

  2. Implementing modelling approaches to inform crystallization design  

  3. Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology: A powerful tool to enhance crystallization processes  

  4. Deploying in situ Process Analytical Technology (PAT) to improve process understanding  

Our presenter Aaron Keogh is a member of our process development team with a primary focus on small molecule process development. Aaron graduated with a B.A. (Mod.) in Medicinal Chemistry from Trinity College Dublin in 2014 and went on to pursue a PhD in Synthetic Organic Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute (TBSI). Aaron works with our team at APC to support multiple collaborations with partners and clients in our Synthetics division.