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Your Process Development Engine

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From molecule to market, this is where breakthrough science happens.

We built our process development headquarters to combine a unique cultural identity with our thirst for scientific endeavor. Beautifully designed and thoughtfully constructed as a place for every scientist to feel at home, APC Dublin welcomes our partners and energizes our team to seamlessly collaborate and accelerate the scientific breakthroughs your patients need.

A Research and Technology Powerhouse.

Our facility is a 60,000 sq ft process development engine, equipped with the technology and infrastructure needed to fully understand, optimize and characterize every process, across synthetics and biologics. It boasts PAT tools, automation platforms, modeling packages, bioreactors, wave bags and continuous processing skids, all coupled with a world-class analytical infrastructure that enables us to internally develop and execute methods for 97% of the measurements we make. Most importantly, this technology infrastructure serves our clients, who benefit from us solving process development problems faster and more efficiently than anyone else.

  • Sq Ft
  • PhD Scientists
  • PAT tools
  • Data Management Platform

Going Where Your Medicine Takes Us.

Just as medicines are evolving, so are the methodologies used to make them. But that's not an excuse to slow down. Our facility was designed, built, equipped and staffed to fully leverage our novel Achieve® and BioAchieve® process development platforms, enabling deployment of unit operations ranging from hydrogenation to tangential flow filtration, with crystallization, drying and fermentation in between. Diverse tasks require flexible labs, while challenging molecules require custom-built facilities that can handle highly potent synthetics and BCS Class II Biologics. All of this, and more, is housed within our beautiful hybrid lab and office space. And it's all powered by our lightning-fast development workflows.

  • High Potent Synthetics
  • BCS Class I + II

Data and Projects. Managed.

Data is the nucleus of our process development philosophy. We constantly collect it then intelligently leverage it to accelerate the pace and improve the accuracy of CMC decisions. To facilitate this, we developed a proprietary cloud-based platform, called iAchieve®, that amplifies the impact of our quality, data and project management systems, making it easier to collaborate with our clients and ultimately accelerate the CMC journey to patients.

One Team. Guided by Science.

Safety, as much as innovation, is part of our culture at APC. Daily and weekly stand-up meetings across disciplines identify challenges, highlight risks and help foster a community of practice for safe process development. Our teams freely collaborate in our purpose-built hybrid lab and office spaces, creating a welcoming environment to visit and a friendly place to work. By not functioning in silos, we're able to better support each other, encourage the next breakthrough and ensure that every voice, idea and datapoint is considered on the journey to the patient.


Radical Collaborators.

By managing projects and communicating outcomes more clearly and actively than others, we're able to greatly reduce the time, energy and effort typically imposed on our clients. We're eager to take on the hard work of sourcing equipment and materials, managing multiple stakeholders and keeping talented scientists on track to deliver tangible outcomes and phenomenal breakthroughs. We assess and scrutinize every project, every week, across four dimensions: cost, safety, results and process, enabling us to catch issues early, find opportunities to speed up, and proactively anticipate our clients' needs.

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