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Reaction Scale-Up/Scale-Down

Engineering know-how | process portability | CFD and engineering calculations | right-first-time manufacturing introduction | scale-up sciences

Our team is steeped in engineering know-how and many of us have worked in GMP manufacturing environments, so the challenges of running complex chemistries and crystallizations at scale are well-known. 

We leverage data-rich experimentation to build design spaces and we use computational fluid dynamics, as well as standard engineering calculations, to ensure that processes can perform as intended as mixing conditions change across scales. The result is a scalable, portable process, that can run consistently across various equipment sets, built upon a foundation of process understanding that can be leveraged across your medicines lifecycle.

By collaborating closely with you and your partner network, we deliver facile tech transfers based on a fundamental process understanding and scale-up science, and we strive for right-first-time manufacturing introductions so that once a reaction or crystallization enters your manufacturing network it can deliver the required product attributes over the long run.