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Together, we get medicines to people faster

What goes into our work is as important as what comes out

As process development experts, we’re often asked about the value we bring to our client's medicines. By constantly pushing to deliver scientific breakthroughs faster, while finding innovative ways to reduce costs and manage risks, we're able to create unprecedented value for our clients’ pipelines. We are also fun to work with, communicating with you clearly on every step of the journey to your patient.


Our singular focus is process development.

APC gets your process right the first time and your medicines to market faster. This avoids the inefficiencies and unnecessary repetition that come with less experienced teams.

We ensure your clinical milestones are met, every time, by delivering fit-for-purpose processes that consistently perform.


Our clients leverage world-class process development science without the need to build, staff, equip, scale and continuously enhance their own labs.

Only the highest caliber scientists and engineers, with perspectives refined by practical experience in Ireland’s most stringent manufacturing environment, are entrenched in your process development, working in a state-of-the-art lab and delivering game-changing breakthroughs never thought possible.

Our work is never guesswork and doesn’t rely on established precedent, allowing us to carry out your mission in a constant state of innovation and refinement.


If collaboration leads to better outcomes, radical collaboration leads to unprecedented ones.

It’s not just a theory. We’ve proven it time and again with breakthrough results for our clients.

From project scoping to determining the best manufacturing solutions for your medicines, our approach is flexible and leverages all perspectives, so you’ll never feel locked in – or locked out. This level of collaboration gives you the confidence to trust every outcome while ensuring you and your team are an integral part of your medicine's success.



One look at our state-of-the-art lab environment and you’ll get a sense of how much transparency and clarity matters to us.

It even extends beyond our walls and into the cloud, with iAchieve®, our proprietary project management platform that gives you unfiltered and real-time access to the status of your project – think of it as an open invitation to virtually visit our lab anytime you want.

When you partner with APC, you’re always in the know regarding data, documentation, decisions and, most importantly, outcomes. No big surprises, just big returns on your investment.


The ease of working with us might take some time to get used to, but it’s time well spent. From scoping all the way through the research and development process, our expertise plus crystal-clear project and data workflows empower our clients to be as 'hands off' as they want to be.

We ask our clients meaningful questions early and often, extracting their knowledge for key insights, then working proactively to uncover breakthroughs and efficiencies – all with minimal effort on their side.