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Process Advancing Medicine

How can we help?

Our process development goes where your medicine requires.

At APC, we’re not like a typical process development team. For starters, we don’t offer generic, end-to-end solutions that lock our clients into one way of doing things. Instead, we focus solely on process development across a range of pharmaceutical needs, constantly refining our approach to ensure life-changing medicines are brought to market faster than ever before. Driving science forward means not relying on what worked last time, even if it was a success. We go into every project with a fresh perspective and a desire to do whatever is necessary to accelerate the delivery of life-changing medicines to the people that need them.

Process Development with Purpose

  • Speed

    We’re fast because we’re focused. As experts steeped in process development, we are constantly accelerating the pace at which our clients are able to deliver life-changing medicines to patients.
  • Science

    Here, nothing is impossible. Our relentless pursuit of innovation in synthetics and biologics was founded in our scientific and academic roots, and drives our approach to research, engineering and modeling.
  • Collaboration

    Unlike other process development companies, our clients are true partners involved from project scoping through every phase of development. This radical collaboration builds trust and ensures we get the best result for patients.
  • Clarity

    Our clients solve nothing if they're kept in the dark. From our fully visible and open labs to our digital first CMC software platform, everything about your project – and every step of our process – is accessible in real time.
  • Ease

    No one works harder than us to advance medicines using process development. As a client, you’ll discover how effortless your involvement becomes, freeing you up to focus on your top priorities without added burden.
  • Why APC?

    The APC principles that drive your success

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Perfecting the Process.

APC is a pioneer in process development, bonded by science, people and data. Our focus on scientific research has been at our core since day one, enabling us to instinctively innovate and refine our methods rapidly over time.

Led by a dedicated and brilliant team – 90% of us are PhDs with years of manufacturing experience – your medicine is in the best hands from project scoping to CMO hand-off and all points in between. The proof is in patient outcomes, which we deliver through purpose-built processes designed using data rich approaches and transferred to our clients in real time on cloud-based platforms.

How can we help accelerate your medicine?

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