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Process Chemistry

PhD expertise | experience across reaction types | Grignards, hydrogenation, Suzuki couplings | PAT, automation, auto sampling | yield, purity, productivity

We take your challenging reactions and deploy our PhD level process chemistry expertise to wrap fit for purposes processes around them. Our team works on every type of chemistry; Grignards, lithiated reactions, Suzuki and Negishi couplings, esterifications, halogenations, hydrogenations as well as Heck, Stille and other catalysed reactions.

We use our automated platforms and PAT tools, like EasyMax, OptiMax, ReactIR and Raman, to develop deep understanding for your reactions and we share the evidence we collect immediately to support dynamic development projects. We also use automated sampling, as standard, to gather time course HPLC data that monitors the formation and consumption of reactants, products intermediates, and impurities, helping you understand reaction mechanisms and kinetics in record time. 

We then work closely to leverage this foundational reaction understanding to troubleshoot challenging steps, enhance yield, purity, and productivity and to define process parameters that will support effective clinical delivery and future scale-up to commercial manufacturing within your tight timelines.