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Filtration, Washing and Drying

Powder properties | slow and unpredictable filtration | ineffective washing | drying attrition and agglomeration | better modeling and experimentation | improved control 

The isolation properties of intermediates and the powder properties of APIs need to be designed in a new and better way to deliver speed in development. Too often a well-designed crystallization process is wasted because filtration, washing and drying are treated as an afterthought. 

Long and unpredictable filtration times and ineffective washing steps cause supply bottlenecks and attrition, agglomeration and form changes in the dryer take months to rectify. However, innovation in these areas has accelerated, meaning filtration, washing, and drying are now routinely modeled and well-designed experiments are conducted meaning better control of these challenging unit operations is now a reality. 

As the process gets closer to the patient the level of focus should increase so the last remaining bottlenecks disappear, and product quality can be calmly delivered to the clinic or market. At APC we look at crystallization, filtration, washing and drying as facets of a single unit operation – one that should deliver the powder properties patients need.