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Particle Engineering

Exquisite particles | molecular simulations | thermodynamic modeling | data-rich experimentation | particle size, shape, and form | higher purities and yields | scale-up 

Designing exquisite particles that your formulators will love is a passion for our teams. With a team steeped in crystallization knowledge, combined with the skills needed to design scalable processes, we are proud to be at the forefront of an industry-wide drive to convert the art of crystallization into the science of particle engineering.

We used advanced modeling to choose perfect-for-purpose solvents that provide a kinetic environment that targets specific particle sizes and shapes. We carefully control supersaturation and run self-optimizing crystallization processes that deliver cooling and addition profiles that avoid oiling out and navigate challenging polymorph landscapes. We collaborate closely with you and our own chemistry colleagues to ensure upstream reactions are optimized to support crystallization development, and we communicate with formulators to understand what particle properties are needed.

And we strive to do this in record time, using state-of-the-art automation platforms, modeling tools and data-rich approaches that ensure that every single crystallization experiment delivers the information we need to transform challenging precipitation into a flawlessly engineered crystallization process that can isolate and purify key intermediates and final APIs.