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Continuous Processing

Novel quality attributes | speed for early phase candidates | enhanced safety and productivity | reaction screening | reliable scale-up/out | particle engineering 

We strive to use the power of continuous processing smartly, to speed your development or find a key breakthrough that can deliver novel quality attributes for you efficiently and safely. For certain medicines, continuous platforms offer the opportunity to deliver for the clinic and market from a fume hood, forgoing the needed for capital investment and offering options for extremely rapid and reliable scale-up/out for early phase candidates.

We also use our continuous platforms to screen reaction conditions quickly, saving time compared to batch-centric approaches. We can also access parts of a phase diagram that would not be accessible in batch-mode, helping find new ways to optimize yield, purity or conversion for chemistry and crystallization steps. For particle engineering, continuous crystallization platforms enable unique particle sizes and shape to be targeted and for challenging polymorph landscapes to be navigated more easily compared to batch methods. 

From the bespoke creation of continuous processing platforms to support your CMC needs to the regular use of off-the-shelf continuous technology in our process development labs, continuous processing is a platform approach that we believe is a game-changer for process development.