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Chemistry services that support lightning fast development from process definition to manufacturing introduction.


Small molecule pharmaceutical development necessitates a in-depth and comprehensive chemistry expertise. At APC, we specialize in offering tailored Chemical Process Development services designed to propel your drug development program forward. Our key differentiator in the realm of chemical process development is the multidisciplinary approach we take, which combines deep organic chemistry expertise with process engineering and modelling capabilities.

This approach means that each process we develop is grounded in a deep understanding of the underlying thermodynamic and kinetic molecular-level drivers of each reaction mechanism. From route scouting and reaction optimization to process scale-up and validation, we apply a phase-appropriate approach to development and judiciously leverage advanced methodologies and cutting-edge technologies to optimize each step of the chemistry process.

Our team of seasoned chemists (>80% PhD qualified) work hand-in-glove with our teams of engineers and modelling experts to bring extensive expertise across a wide range of chemistry domains. Whether it's organic synthesis, catalysis, high pressure or low temperature reactions, we have the knowledge and capabilities to streamline processes, improve product quality, minimize impurities, enhance reaction efficiency, yield, and overall process robustness.

Our unique approach and expertise means that we are equally comfortable in developing chemical processes for deployment in both batch and continuous modes.

Throughout the chemical process development journey, we prioritize transparent collaboration and communication. Working closely with your team, we provide real-time access to project updates and insights and address challenges collaboratively to ensure alignment with your project goals and timelines.

Our commitment to transparency and efficiency is further supported by our first-in-class CMC digitalization ecosystem, iAchieve. This platform provides real-time data tracking, curated insights, and streamlined decision-making, facilitating easier scale-up and tech transfer and subsequent smooth interaction with the regulatory authorities when required to answer CMC-related queries.