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Raman and mid-IR spectroscopy | particle imaging and sizing | automated sampling | at line analysis | PAT experts | calibration and verification | careful analysis | total process understanding

We are proud to be a technology powerhouse having standardized on the most advanced process development platforms in the world, using PAT, automation, and data management software to transform productivity in the laboratory and deliver scientific insights never thought possible. 

Our PAT infrastructure combines in-line particle size analysis and microscopy with Raman and mid-infrared spectroscopy to monitor liquid and solid phase behaviour for every process we develop. Coupled with automated sampling to support rapid offline analysis, at process conditions, we build a data-rich kinetic profile for every experiment we run. We also bring key offline characterization tools closer to our process, developing at line or flow-based methods to deliver real-time information for transient mechanisms or difficult to sample components. Critically our process development experts are steeped in PAT experience and use it every day for every experiment as a standard way of working. They know how to calibrate instruments, capture the right data, and analyse it carefully to deliver the insights our clients need. 

We believe that process understanding is the raw material from which medicines are made and our best-in-class PAT infrastructure is a foundation from which we strive to accelerate the delivery of medicines to patients.