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Comprehensive process development services across all modalities and therapeutic areas.


At APC, we understand that the landscape of therapeutics is incredibly diverse, spanning various modalities from traditional small molecules to cutting-edge biologics, oligonucleotides, peptides, cell therapies, and gene therapies. Our “Science-first” approach to process development means that we are equally at home in each of these domains and equipped to address the unique challenges and requirements associated with each modality, ensuring efficient and effective development from lab to manufacturing plant.

Small Molecules

For traditional small molecule therapeutics, we offer comprehensive Chemistry Process Development services focused on optimizing synthetic routes, improving yields, and enhancing product purity. Our team of experienced chemists utilizes state-of-the-art techniques and methodologies to streamline the synthesis and purification of small molecules, accelerating their path to market.


In the realm of biologics, including proteins, antibodies, and peptides, our Upstream and Downstream Process Development services are designed to maximize productivity, optimize product quality, and ensure scalability. From cell line development and media optimization to protein purification and formulation, we leverage advanced analytics and innovative technologies to drive efficiency and innovation in biologics manufacturing.


For nucleic acid-based therapies, such as RNA and DNA therapeutics, our expertise in Chemistry and Process Development enables us to address the unique challenges associated with synthesis, purification, and formulation. We work closely with clients to optimize nucleic acid production processes, ensuring high yields, purity, and stability of the final therapeutic product.

Cell Therapies

Cell-based therapies represent a revolutionary approach to treating a variety of diseases. Our Cell Therapy Process Development services focus on optimizing cell culture conditions, enhancing cell expansion, and improving cell characterization. Through advanced analytics and process optimization, we help clients overcome the complexities of cell therapy manufacturing and accelerate their journey to clinical and commercial success.

Gene Therapies

Gene therapy holds tremendous promise for treating genetic disorders and other diseases at the genetic level. Our expertise in Gene Therapy Process Development encompasses viral vector production, gene delivery systems, and vector purification. We work collaboratively with clients to develop robust and scalable processes that ensure the efficient and safe delivery of gene therapies to patients.

Comprehensive Support Across Modalities

Whether it's small molecules, biologics, nucleic acids, cell therapies, or gene therapies, APC provides comprehensive process development support tailored to the specific requirements of each modality. Our multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers collaborates closely with clients to overcome technical challenges, optimize processes, and accelerate the development of life-changing therapeutics.