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Downstream services that propel large molecules to the patient.

Downstream Process Development

In the intricate landscape of biologics development, the downstream journey from raw material to purified product is a critical phase that demands precision and expertise. At APC, we specialize in delivering bespoke Downstream Process Development services meticulously tailored to accelerate the progression of your biologics program.

Our approach to downstream process development is founded on a deep understanding of bioprocessing principles and the unique characteristics of your target molecule. From initial protein capture to final purification and formulation, we leverage advanced methodologies and state-of-the-art technologies to optimize each step of the downstream process.

With a team of experienced scientists and engineers, we bring extensive expertise across a spectrum of downstream operations. Whether it's cell harvesting, chromatography or filtration, we possess the knowledge and capabilities to enhance product purity, yield, and overall process efficiency.

We excel in overcoming the complexities inherent in downstream processing. Through the integration of cutting-edge analytical capabilities, Process Analytical Technology (PAT), predictive modeling, and statistical analysis, we identify innovative solutions to streamline purification processes, improve product quality, and minimize impurities.

Throughout the downstream process development journey, we prioritize transparent collaboration and communication. Working closely with your team, we are committed to transparency – using our first-in-class CMC digitalization ecosystem, iAchieve, to provide you with real-time data tracking, curated insights and project updates. iAchieve removes all barriers to sharing insights and addressing challenges collaboratively to ensure alignment with your project goals and timelines and to facilitate streamlined decision making.