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Filtration and Separation

Process yield and impurities | production bottlenecks | cassette, TFF, hollow fibre | inline particle sizing and Raman | solve aggregation challenges

We believe the selection and optimization of the right separation and filtration technology is often overlooked during process development, impacting process yields and impurity removal, while also often introducing challenging production bottlenecks. 

We couple process simulations with experimental screens across cassettes, TFF and hollow fibre systems to help you select and then optimize the right filtration and separation platform for your process. We also work to ensure that the selected platform works seamlessly with your upstream process. Our downstream engineering teams bring breakthroughs in scale-up science and modeling to quickly build representative scale-down separation and filtration models and we apply computational fluid dynamics and PAT tools including inline particle sizing and Raman spectroscopy, to solve difficult separation challenges including protein aggregation. 

We treat the selection and optimization of filtration and separation bioprocess operations as integral to the overall development plan for every biologic we work on and we collaborate closely with clients to ensure focused process development effort translates to high yielding processes with no manufacturing bottlenecks.