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[WEBINAR] Harnessing CFD to scale your process

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Throughout this webinar, we will explore the benefits of applying CFD to better understand your process. Our unique approach to process development at APC has helped our clients achieve their scale up needs. CFD is the discipline of science devoted to predicting fluid flow and the phenomena of heat and mass transfer by solving the mathematical models that govern these processes. The multi physics approach of CFD make it a powerful tool for modern manufacturers as it can provide insights into your process that might not be possible through physical experimentation. Here at APC, we are experts at the analysis and visualization of the simulation outputs and help clients harness data to optimize their process.

Using examples of modelling in early phase development, we describe:

  1. The importance of identifying and understanding the key parameters of scaling

  2. How CFD can be used to scale your process

  3. How to deploy CFD to optimize your process

Our presenter Darren Cappelli is a member of our process development team with a primary focus on CFD. Darren graduated with a B.E. in Chemical and Bioprocessing Engineering from University College Dublin and went on to pursue a PhD in the applications of computational fluid dynamics of multiphase systems at the school of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering, University College Dublin through the SSPC. Darren works with our team at APC to support the expansion and development across multiple collaborations in the Engineering division.