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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Predict heat and mass transfer | run virtual experiments | design equipment sets faster | shorter, smarter experiments | predictive labs models | solve manufacturing issues

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a turnkey solution that we use to deliver key process development breakthroughs across all our synthetic and biologics programs. As a modeling tool, CFD helps predict heat and mass transfer across any kind of equipment set – but more fundamentally CFD enables our teams to run 100's of virtual experiments before we hit the lab. 

These virtual, in silico, experiments, adjusting impeller types, feed locations, vessel geometries and fill levels, help us build a library of process knowledge that we pore over before running short and smart experiments. In the hands of our experts, this tool helps us design and select the equipment sets rapidly, build predictable scale-up/down models quickly and identify probable root causes for manufacturing issues before conducting a single experiment. 

The use of CFD for process development goes to the heart of what we do at APC – which is to fundamentally understand processes, from first principles, before quickly charting the fastest process development path forward. We believe that as a platform approach to process development CFD is a game-changer that can slash development time, reduce laboratory effort and identify engineering scale-up and manufacturing strategies that would never be considered using brute force, experiment-centric approaches.