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[WEBINAR] Tech Transfer without the Jet Lag!

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Tech transfer is fraught with challenges, and it's crucial to have a solid understanding of the process, as well as, modern strategies for success. This is even more pertinent in the world of ATMPs - where traditional ways of working are no longer fit for purpose.

In this presentation, Michael Ó Gailín, Manufacturing Operations Cell Lead & Elaine Hiney, Sr Process Engineer, delve into some of the key challenges associated with tech transfer including:

  • Processes developed at small-scale without considering GMP requirements

  • Unclear expectations and understanding of phase appropriate activities

  • Disconnect between development and manufacturing teams

Our experts also discuss proven strategies for successful tech transfer and highlight how VLE Therapeutics take a unique approach to tech transfer through our focus on digitalization, process optimization, and risk management.

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With VLE’s GMP manufacturing, supply chain management and regulatory services in the same location as process development powerhouse APC, we create and implement optimal processes that expedite the delivery of medicines, getting them into the hands of patients faster, at a lower cost to you.

Our motivation isn’t filling tanks—it’s changing lives.