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Introducing The Medicine Accelerator

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Recently we announced a major expansion through a €25m investment & creation of 120 jobs to create a global centre of excellence to accelerate the development of Covid Vaccines & Advanced Therapeutics. 

This Medicine Accelerator is a bold initiative that combines best-in-class science with first-in-class digital to revolutionize how medicines are developed and delivered to patients. 

Building on APC’s success over the last 10 years, and inspired by the passion of our world-class people, the expansion to our Dublin headquarters will make APC the world’s first Medicine Accelerator, a place where molecules get to market at record speed through science-led expertise combined with digital innovation.

Our investment will create next-generation lab and pilot plant spaces, put cutting-edge technologies into the hands of our great scientists and launch iAchieve®, the world’s first digital product designed for the sole purpose of accelerating the delivery of medicines to patients.

This investment means APC will grow to over 200 people in the coming months. Our people are the driving force behind our scientific breakthroughs; they are the cornerstone of The Medicine Accelerator. We come from over 30 countries and believe our shared experiences, gathered across the world’s biotech and pharmaceutical ecosystems can completely change how medicines are made.

The Medicine Accelerator:

Best-in-class Science

APC’s Medicine Accelerator is adding key technologies that will change how we understand, optimize and characterize the processes that deliver medicines. We are adding state-of-the-art process monitoring tools, high powered analytical instrumentation and automated robotic platforms that will transform experimental speed. We are also making major investments in modelling platforms, designed to run 1000s of virtual experiments every day, dramatically reducing the number of experiments needed to develop even the most challenging processes. The Medicine Accelerator will make every single experiment and simulation count and no data point will go to waste as our people leverage the world's most complete dataset to make the best process development decisions.

First-in-class Digital

As process development experts, we’re constantly developing and using new technologies and solutions to accelerate the development of medicines. Extracting useful information from process data and empowering our customers with this information is at the core of our philosophy. With this in mind, we developed iACHIEVE®, our proprietary digital platform on which every CMC decision on a medicine's journey is cataloged. This enables you to understand which decisions were made, when, and more importantly, which experiment, data point or insight, informed that decision. In doing so, it creates a digital fingerprint for the CMC aspects of your drug. 

Furthermore, iAchieve® allows you to answer regulatory questions faster, eliminating unnecessary experimental repetition and supports digital regulatory submissions, while drastically reducing the overhead associated with getting molecules to market faster - further underlying APC’s unique global role as a Medicine Accelerator.  

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World-class People

From our newly expanded, state-of-the-art headquarters, our people foster an environment of teamwork, integrity, creativity & inclusion where everyone has an opportunity to rise to our challenges & share in our successes. 

Ultimately, it is our people upon whom our success is really built. We have recruited subject-matter experts from over 30 countries who form the key pillars of our team. These global experts in their respective fields help position APC as a centre of gravity for the best and brightest pharmaceutical engineers and scientists from around the world to come and join us and further fuel our mission. 

The attraction of APC is that we provide an environment in which our people can flourish as individuals and as members of a team at the cutting-edge of pharmaceutical development. This is in a multidisciplinary environment that is unique in global terms. By not functioning in silos, we're able to better support each other, encourage the next breakthrough and ensure that every voice, idea and data point is considered on the journey to the patient.

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