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[WEBINAR] Avoiding Chromatography Bottlenecks: Breakthrough Next Generation Strategies

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As part of continuous process improvement, companies must embrace novel advancements to enhance the manufacture of biotherapeutics. This webinar focuses on the power of leveraging cutting-edge technologies to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of chromatography – a key downstream unit operation.

In this webinar, 'Avoiding Chromatography Bottlenecks: Breakthrough Next Generation Strategies', we will explore the development of a 2nd generation downstream process for a complex biotherapeutic. This 6-month project led to a remarkable 2.5-fold increase in overall yield and significant reductions in manufacturing costs and time — all while meeting the CQA target specifications of the first-generation process.

In this presentation, Letícia Martins Mota, PhD, Process Development Scientist, delves into some of the key challenges associated with chromatography optimization including:

  • Strategies to choose the optimal resin and conditions

  • How to leverage the power of high throughput experimentation to optimize protein purification

  • Advanced analytical strategies to accelerate downstream development

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