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Bret Huff: Leading APC's First-in-Class Digital Strategy

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We are delighted to announce that Bret Huff is joining APC as our Digital Products Lead.

Bret joins APC with vast pharmaceutical R&D experience having most recently led Eli Lilly’s Small Molecule Drug Substance and Drug Product organization. 

With more information now required to launch the next generation of medicines a new approach to process development is needed, one that relies on prediction over guesswork, simulation alongside experimentation and collaboration instead of silos.

Bret will tackle this challenge head-on leading APC’s First-in-Class Digital Strategy for process development. Building on our digital platform – iAchieve® – Bret will create a new class of tools for process development that fosters cooperation, makes the most out of every data point, and speeds decision making.

We welcome Bret to the team and look forward to working with him to realize the potential of digital innovation to accelerate the delivery of medicines to patients.

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About iAchieve®

iAchieve® is a cloud-based knowledge management platform built by process development experts, for process development experts. iAchieve® digitizes every aspect of your medicine's journey from process definition through process characterization into manufacturing. Key insights and breakthroughs are captured in real-time across your development ecosystem, enabling a CMC fingerprint for your molecule to be created. With iAchieve® development, histories are crafted instantly, making comprehensive science-led submissions faster and easier than before.