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Solvent Selection

Solubility, form control, kinetics | yield and productivity | 12 criteria evaluated | quantum chemistry | in silico modelling | QbD approaches

Choosing an appropriate solvent is the cornerstone of good crystallization development. The solvent, or solvent mixture, from which your API is crystallized influences solubility, growth and nucleation kinetics, impurity rejection, polymorph control, solvation propensity and crystal morphology. Despite the importance of this choice, early phase development solvents are often chosen very quickly with only the impact of product yield considered. This can lead to purity, particle size and processability issues in later phases, just as the material is being delivered to the clinic or market. 

With this challenge in mind, we developed a solvent selection platform that accesses new solvent options for you, by evaluating twelve key criteria using predictive science, quantum chemistry and smart experimentation. This approach dramatically improves the likelihood of selecting a fit-for-purpose solvent for crystallization processes and does so in the same, or less time, than a traditional brute force screening approach. 

This approach means it is now possible to choose solvents that will deliver the critical quality attributes your product demands and to slash the time it takes to select solvents at the outset of crystallization development programs. This novel approach also minimizes brute force screening approaches and replaces these time-consuming and costly activities with a QbD style methodology based on first principles.