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Solid State

Salt, co-crystal, polymorph | stability, pharmacokinetics, bioavailability | IP protection | patient delivery | product life cycle

Identifying the right API form is a crucial step in the process development journey. With a team born from Ireland’s renowned Solid State Pharmaceutical Cluster (SSPC) we combine in silico modeling with novel experimental platforms to select a salt, co-crystal or polymorph forms that will have far-reaching benefits for patients in terms of product stability, pharmacokinetic performance, and bioavailability. 

The challenge we face together with you is that the universe of candidates is huge, and the stakes are high to select a form that protects your IP, delivers for your patient, and makes your crystallization process development as facile as possible. 

We use our expertise and years of experience to target the optimal API form and we use the information we gather to make subsequent development, across your medicines lifecycle, faster and more effective.