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Controlled crystallization | enhanced bioavailability | wet and dry milling | PAT monitoring | scalable processes

Our preference is to design particles for you directly, through well-designed crystallization processes that tech transfer smoothly with the fewest possible unit operations moving into manufacturing. 

However, we also understand that milling offers a unique opportunity to target specific particle sizes, that could enhance bioavailability, and that obtaining very small particle sizes can be challenging through crystallization alone. Our milling platform combines key wet and dry milling options with PAT tools to monitor particle properties including size, shape, and form, enabling us to design a process that meets target particle size requirements in a short space of time

We also look at the scalability of our milling setups and ensure that a milling process designed in the lab will transfer to manufacturing seamlessly so that an added unit operation, post-crystallization, is easily traded off against the enhanced powder properties that the milling step can offer.