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'The Medicine Accelerator' set to showcase at BOS Basel 2023

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To learn more, please schedule a meeting with Brian Keegan or visit us at Booth 42.​

Combining breakthrough science, with state-of-the art flexible ATMP manufacturing and bridging the two with first-in-class digital, sister companies APC and VLE are set to exhibit at BOS Basel 2023. With a relaxation of restrictions after the COVID-19 pandemic, we are excited to have the opportunity to meet face-to-face about these companies’ globally unique offering in biomanufacturing.

Established in 2011, APC has a singular focus on process development. For the past decade APC has partnered with a range of global players (including 8 or the top 10 pharma) to provide them with unrivalled process understanding and unique insights to enable them to rapidly and reliably scale processes and tech transfer them to their manufacturing site of choice. In the past 2 years the company has added a host of key technologies that change how we understand, optimize and characterize the processes that deliver medicines. These include state-of-the-art process monitoring tools, high powered analytical instrumentation and automated robotic platforms that will transform experimental speed. The company has also made major investments in modelling platforms, designed to run 1000s of virtual experiments every day, dramatically reducing the number of experiments needed to develop even the most challenging processes. APC’s underpinning philosophy is to make every single experiment and simulation count, with no data point will go to waste as the team of over 200 scientists and engineers leverage the world's most complete dataset to make the best process development decisions.

VLE, was established in 2020 in response to the growing need for manufacturing facilities capable of reliably producing the latest vaccines, cell & gene therapies and other advanced therapeutics. In addition to its state-of-the art flexible manufacturing, VLE distinguishes itself from other biomanufacturers with the fact that the intellectual horsepower required to develop processes to manufacture ATMP’s (provided by APC) is literally down the corridor from the tanks in which the products will be manufactured. This is also coupled with supply chain management and regulatory expertise.

A unique connective tissue also exists between the two companies in the form of iAchieve – a first-in-class digital CMC workflow platform, which provides unprecedented project management and validation master planning abilities, while creating a governance process to ensure resources & budgets are smartly deployed. Furthermore, iAchieve enables regulatory questions to be answered faster, eliminating unnecessary experimental repetition. It also supports digital regulatory submissions, while drastically reducing the overhead associated with getting molecules to market faster - further underlying the APC & VLE combination’s unique global role as The Medicine Accelerator. 

To learn more, please schedule a meeting with Brian Keegan or visit us at Booth 42.​