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June 25-27th: Meet us at Process Development for Highly Potent Drugs Summit

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The Medicine Accelerator at Highly Potent Drugs Summit

APC & VLE Therapeutics is looking forward to seeing you June 25-27th, 2024 in Philadelphia!

Stop by and say hello

If you're planning on attending, we’d love to meet one-to-one session with our process experts to explore how we can collaborate for your HPAPI needs.

Meet us in the exhibition area or schedule a meeting to discuss your project!

Announcing The Medicine Accelerator Campus

Explore our 130,000 sq ft campus in development, the largest R&D site in the biopharma sector in Ireland and the expanded home for APC & VLE, will integrate the latest developments in scientific research, AI, neural networks and scientifically led manufacturing activities. This value chain is transforming medicine development and the time to patient for new and advanced therapeutics.