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July 21-25: Meet us at Biochemical and Molecular Engineering XXIII

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The Medicine Accelerator at Biochemical and Molecular Engineering XXIII

APC & VLE Therapeutics is looking forward to seeing you on July 21-25th, 2024 in Dublin!

Nature hosts an impressive array of chemical structures, proteins, and pathways that humanity has leveraged to make medicines, solvents, materials, and fuels. Advances in synthetic biology have dramatically reduced the cost of DNA synthesis, and enabled rapid prototyping and screening across a wide range of useful hosts. These synthetic tools have advanced the complexity of questions that can be asked and supported the development of systems biology models that more accurately predict phenotypes and facilitate design. Chemical and biological engineers are now using these tools and the knowledge gained with them to tackle Grand Challenges facing society – such as the need for new medicines to fight disease and prevent pandemics, the need for new technologies to improve the sustainability of our industries and address climate change, and the barriers preventing expansion of modern biomanufacturing across the world.

The Biochemical and Molecular Engineering conference series brings together researchers from across engineering disciplines and the natural sciences to discuss recent progress in this broad field, network with experts across a wide range of specialties, and brainstorm new approaches to address global challenges facing biotechnology and society at large.

This will be the twenty-third edition of a conference series dating back to the dawn of the recombinant DNA era. This year the steering committee is thrilled to hold the meeting in Ireland – an emerging hub for biotechnology and biopharma, where we aim to expand our network and form a bridge between North American and European biotech. APC & VLE are delighted to be attending this conference.

Technical Poster # 23

  • Model-Driven Transfection Process Development - Ana Luiza Pinto Queiroz.

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If you're planning on attending, we’d love to meet one-on-one to discuss your development and manufacturing challenges and our approach to accelerating your medicines through CMC hurdles.

Announcing The Medicine Accelerator Campus

Explore our 130,000 sq ft campus in development, the largest R&D site in the biopharma sector in Ireland and the expanded home for APC & VLE, will integrate the latest developments in scientific research, AI, neural networks and scientifically led manufacturing activities. This value chain is transforming medicine development and the time to patient for new and advanced therapeutics.