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Pilot Plant

Large-scale demonstration | tech transfer strategy | 250L SUBs | avoid manufacturing delays | scale-up sciences | confidence and clarity | right-first-time manufacturing

Large-scale demonstration of process performance is a key component of our tech transfer strategy. With the ability to run bioprocesses in single-use systems at up to 250L scales we can test process performance before transfer to GMP manufacturing suites.

The information we gather at these scales helps us lock in process parameters and identify potential bottlenecks or manufacturing gaps before they start to impact manufacturing timelines. These large-scale runs also inform our total scale-up strategy confirming that the parameters we choose to go from lab to pilot plant will also serve the final commercial introduction at even larger scales.

Combined with our PAT and bioanalytical infrastructure we can support right-first-time tech transfers with confidence and provide you with the clarity you need to confidently introduce ground-breaking processes into manufacturing.