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Microcarrier Process Development

High productivity, high titer | attachment and spreading | batch or perfusion mode | reduced media cost and contamination | avoid roller bottles and cell factories 

Microcarrier-based cell culture systems deliver high productivity and high titer processes for adherent cell lines in robust and scale-friendly bioreactors. Microcarrier based processes, reduce the volume to cell density ratio compared to roller bottles and help you reduce media cost, avoid contamination, and minimize manual steps during production. 

We combine our upstream and bioengineering expertise to develop and scale-up microcarrier based processes from flasks to bioreactors in record time. We evaluate microcarrier systems in terms of their attachment and spreading efficiency, and choose critical process parameters, such as pH, feed profile and mixing regime, that help you deliver high titers at low volumes across various scales. 

Collaborating with us on a microcarrier system process development can mean the difference between using non-reproducible and difficult-to-approve cell factories instead of deploying standard bioreactors for fast, predictable scale-up and clinical delivery. Evaluating microcarriers as an option for adherent cell lines, early in development, is a process development strategy we believe can truly accelerate the delivery of medicines to the people that need them.