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Takeda Biologics and APC Announce Innovative Collaboration

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(L-R) Mark Barrett (CEO & Co-founder of APC), Dave Connolly (Head of Manufacturing Science & Technology at Takeda Dunboyne Biologics), Brian Glennon (CTO & Co-founder of APC), Susan Hynes (VP & Site Lead at Takeda Dunboyne Biologics)

Dunboyne, Co. Meath 5th November 2019:  Takeda Dunboyne Biologics (“Takeda”) today announced an innovative collaboration with Applied Process Company (“APC”) at Cherrywood Business Park in Dublin, which will systematically design, optimize and deliver scale-independent process improvements for Takeda’s portfolio of biologics-based medicines for rare diseases.

Takeda and APC’s first partnership program was completed in June this year, which used advanced computational, fluid-dynamic models to better understand and characterize the process equipment located at Takeda’s state-of-the-art biologics facility in Dunboyne, Co. Meath. Takeda took official ownership of the new facility in June. This ‘paperless’ facility is designed with ‘single-use’ or ‘disposable’ technology to manufacture antibody and enzyme-based therapies for rare diseases.

The collaboration between Takeda and APC comes ahead of the planned start of manufacturing in early 2020 and aims to identify process improvement opportunities within Takeda’s rare disease portfolio of medicines. In addition to establishing another flexible working partnership, this Takeda-APC collaboration will leverage APC’s strengths in:

  • Model predictive control – Using Process Analytical Technologies to enable real-time control of complex processes through a continuous feedback loop within the electronic manufacturing control system;
  • Informatics – Developing subject matter experts, working across self-directed working teams, to build powerful informatics tools that deeply interrogate data and convert this data into valuable information for improvement.


Susan Hynes, VP & Site Lead, Takeda Dunboyne Biologics, commented“We are excited about this partnership with APC and how our work together will accelerate the development of Takeda’s science and technology capabilities in our new biologics facility in Dunboyne. Takeda and APC share a strong cultural belief that employees must be empowered with all relevant information to ensure informed decision making and to work together towards a shared process improvement goal”.

Mark Barrett, CEO APC, commented: “This partnership represents a significant milestone in the APC and Takeda relationship. Through our innovative platforms (BioACHIEVE®TM), and a world-class team of engineers and scientists, APC strives to help its partners accelerate the development and launch of their medicines.  Seeing the development of the APC and Takeda partnership along this value chain is incredibly pleasing for all involved”.

About Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited 

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, a global, values-based, R&D-driven biopharmaceutical leader committed to bringing better health and a brighter future to patients by translating science into life-changing medicines, has been established in Ireland since 1997. Across Ireland, Takeda has commercial operations, corporate services and three manufacturing facilities in Bray, Dunboyne and Grange Castle.

About Takeda Dunboyne Biologics

Takeda is completing development of a new, innovative, biologics manufacturing facility, on a 120-acre site in, Dunboyne, County Meath. This state-of-the-art facility will adopt single use technology in the manufacturing processes, will be a highly automated, paperless facility and employ approximately 300 people. At Takeda Dunboyne Biologics, our mission is to champion the fight for people living with rare diseases, by producing breakthrough therapies and innovative medicines that will help patients around the world to live better lives.

About Applied Process Company Ltd

Applied Process Company (“APC”) was formed by Prof Brian Glennon and Dr Mark Barrett from the School of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering University College Dublin, in 2011. Born of collaborations in pharmaceutical process and manufacturing optimization, within Ireland, APC has significantly expanded to become a global pharmaceutical and biotech process research company.

APC’s information and research framework allow us to systematically design, optimize and provide scale independent process solutions. The derived information deliverables, which are clinical phase appropriate, allow APC to create processes that are optimized, robust and, most importantly, portable. By creating portable processes, it allows our partners to have a flexible supply chain.

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