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A Message from the APC Team

To Collaborators Everywhere,

The world has changed in the last number of months. Time will tell which of these changes take hold and which will become memories of a difficult time. To those impacted we are with you…

A lot of things remain unclear and will do so for some time, something that is challenging for everyone, personally and professionally.

What is clear though – is that scientists, engineers and healthcare experts are coming to the fore and emerging as the driving force behind the solution to this global crisis.

• Data Scientists are tracking COVID-19 daily to understand how interventions are ‘flattening the curve’
• Doctors and nurses are gowning up and putting themselves at risk to save people’s lives
• Companies are retooling their operations to deliver more hand sanitizer, masks and ventilators to the places that need them
• Scientists and engineers are working night and day to develop, manufacture and evaluate new vaccines and therapies

All these efforts inspire us at APC and resonate with our identity. Over the last 10 years we have strived to accelerate the delivery of medicines to patients through innovative process and technology development – and now we need to continue this work with an even bigger picture in mind.

Now, more than ever, collaboration is vital.

We want to share our scientific experiences, our best practise, our means to drive process improvements for vaccine development. Be it upstream and downstream processing, analytical and scale-up sciences we have learnt a lot on our journey, from the good to the challenging. From spinner flask, to bioreactors, to microcarrier attachment, to TFF, to CFD and plant design…connecting the right people to these best practise experiences is now an even bigger focus for our organisation. We hope this focus on sharing, coupled with our internal endeavours, can help the global scientific community overcome this challenge.

Look after your loved ones,
stay connected, and

Yours in Science,
The APC Team