2016….the year where our mission to accelerate the development of life saving therapies for patients has created a new reality for APC, our partners and the patients we all serve.

As we reflected on our mission, our values and ultimately the delivery against our 5 year plan we have come to the realisation that 2016 has been a truly transformational year for APC. The info graphic outlines, against each of our core values, key milestones we delivered over the course of the year. The culmination of these milestones has enabled APC to grow by more than 80% in 2016.

This growth is an outcome from our focus on our innovation strategy, technology developments and launch of new capabilities across our small and large molecule platforms, ACHIEVE TM and BioACHIEVE TM. One of our proudest achievements was the creation and launch of a truly world class R&D headquarters which encompasses our culture and focus on advanced process development. This environment has enabled APC to work on cutting edge therapies in oncology, cardiology, neurology, respiratory and many other areas. It has also enabled APC to attract many of the world’s brightest and best minds across chemical/bioprocess engineering, process science, analytics, quality management functions and operations. This team has created this new reality for APC.

As we look to 2017 APC will see extensive growth across our small and large molecule business units in both upstream and downstream process R&D activities. This growth will also see a considerable increase in APC’s continuous processing R&D collaborations. These features will enable APC, over 2017 and beyond, to continue to deliver and launch new processes and technologies to support our medicine and patient focused mission.

Dr. Mark Barrett
CEO and co-founder