APC Bioprocessing Summit 2019


Schedule a meeting with APC below at the Bioprocessing Summit in the Seaport World Trade Center, Boston on 12-16 August at Booth 341.


Booth 341

Speaker Title Presentation Time/Date Conference Track
Jamie McCarry Process Development Engineer Robust Scale-Up, Critical Process Parameter Identification and Reduction of Validation Batches Required in the Biopharmaceutical Industry through CFD Modelling and Statistical Modelling (MVDA) Analysis Wednesday August 14, 12:00PM C1B: Bioproduction: Scale, Bioreactors & Disposables 


About APC:

Request a meeting at the Bioprocessing Summit to discuss your PAT data driven CMC Control Strategy process development/characterization/modelling requirements whether for process definition, scale-up, transfer and verification/PPQ or post-approval improvement.

APC has successfully completed more than 150 projects including QbD PAT data driven process modelling (e.g. CFD, MVDA, automation), process optimisation, development, scale up/down, analytical support for IPC, QC and characterisation and commercial process improvement.