APC will attend the 2017 Accelerating Biopharmaceutical Development Conference sponsored by AIChE’s SBE forum in Scottsdale, Arizona 12-15 March 2017.

APC are sponsors for the “Acceleration Strategies” session & will present on “QbD / PAT in Bioprocessing”.

This conference series is dedicated to strategies, technologies and capabilities that accelerate biopharmaceutical development. The conference is distinct in that it covers all aspects of biological process development bringing together senior thought leaders from across multiple disciplines.

The four day conference will focus on reducing the time and cost of developing high quality biologic medicines. Session topics will include acceleration scenarios for promising drugs; development approaches for varied modalities and markets; ensuring delivery of quality product; leveraging prior knowledge to augment cost and timelines; and continuous/integrated process strategies. We hope these topics stimulate a robust discussion and exchange of ideas on how to more efficiently advance promising medicines to patients.

If you would like to speak with our representatives at the event, please contact Steve Baric at the following address: steve.baric@approcess.com

For full details on the conference, please visit: https://www.aiche.org/sbe/conferences/accelerating-biopharmaceutical-development-abd/2017